Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - Wednesday, January 21st

FOR TODAY, January 21st...

Outside my window a perfect crescent moon is rising higher into the black velvet heavens, while the first hint of dawn is breaking on the horizon. A live oak tree is perfectly silhouetted against the glow.

I am thinking about the intricacies of postpartum assessment.

I am thankful for dear friends, old and new.

From the learning rooms: I am doing a happy dance because I aced the advanced dosage calculation test! The first microbiology exam is today, and Friday is the antepartum/intrapartum/postpartum exam in nursing. I'll be practicing IV insertion all weekend for a test on Tuesday...anyone want to come over and help me study? :-)

From the kitchen: leftover homemade vegetable soup for lunch today, and an italian sausage and white bean cassoulet for dinner.

I am wearing my favorite sheep's fleece slippers. They have a Birkenstock-style bottom and a clog upper, and I would go EVERYWHERE in them if I could. Come to think of it...I have!

I am creating, on average, 100 pages of notes per week in class.

I am going to a nursing convention in April, up in Vicksburg, and I'm excited about it.

I am reading nursing textbooks, nursing textbooks, and more nursing textbooks. Will there ever be time for a novel? One day, perhaps? I'll settle for a short one...

I am hoping that today flies by quickly.

I am hearing my daughter's quiet breathing as she dozes in my bed across the room.

Around the husband did the laundry and things are looking pretty good!

One of my favorite things is a cranberry, walnut and date raw foods snack bar.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Study, study, study, study, study.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

Wrapped around my daughter's head is her "special", a blanket I started knitting the day I found out I was pregnant with her. I literally prayed with every single's kind of like a soft, cuddly rosary. I somehow think she has always sensed that, because ever since she was a newborn, she has shown a preference for that blanket.

She calls it her Woobie, and it's not just a bedtime cuddlie and a comfort object. It's also a cape, a dress, a headscarf, a picnic blanket, a skirt, and occasionally (insert mom cringing here) a mop. It has survived countless washings, and is now restricted to home because of its increasing fragility. I offered to knit her another one out of the exact same yarn, and she recoiled in horror: "Oh Mommy, NO! There can be only ONE Woobie!!"

I love this sweet picture. And today I wouldn't mind wrapping a woobie around my head and going back to sleep, either. :-)

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An American in Pretoria said...

What a precious, precious photo!!! I want a woobie too! Am I too old?

Thanks for always having a positive perspective on things and a thankful heart. It inspires me, sis! Love you lots (and miss you even more!)

ROSIE said...

You are NEVER too old for a woobie!! Matthew taught me that. (He's always been my "Linus" with a blankie in reach or in tow). When he was four, he said, "Mama, everyone needs a sof' blankie". He was right. :-)

Love you lots, too!!!